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Hvad jeg tror at Gud har at gøre med Covid-19

Udgivet af Sømandskirken Hamborg, tir d. 14. apr 2020, kl. 09:40
Anna Hommelgaard

What I think God Has To Do with Covid-19

- af Anna Hommelgaard, konfirmand i Sømandskirken 2019/2020


Most of the time when we have a major problem or issue (in this case Covid-19) we tend to think a lot about God, some people choose to believe God did this on purpose (for a good reason or bad) and some people believe God did this by accident, neither one is wrong. But then the question is if God didn’t do this necessarily on purpose or by accident then what role does God play in the corona outbreak? I personally think it is a bit of both because God might have created the virus on purpose to help us, or because he made a mistake.


The reason why I think that God might have done this on purpose is that the earth is simply overpopulated and we could end up destroying ourselves by being too many, which is why God may have created the virus in order to save most people, from destroying themselves. Which has actually worked because a lot less co2 is being emitted due to the Corona outbreak. Of course, this positive impact on the younger society doesn’t mean that the thousands of people dying from Corona is a good thing because although it is going to help the earth, thousands of people are still dying and families are still being torn apart each day. 


Another way to look at God creating the virus on purpose might be because instead of simply killing many people, to save the earth and the rest of us, he chooses to instead create a virus to do it for him so that he didn’t have to face the fact that he was handpicking everyone who lived or died. 


Of course, there is a completely different way to look at the outbreak which is that God may have created the Coronavirus by mistake because everyone makes mistakes sometimes, God may have been trying to create a cure for something, but then something went wrong and it ended up spreading across the whole world infecting and killing thousands. 


I personally don’t believe that God fully created Corona by mistake but that is my opinion, and I honestly cannot say whether God created Covid-19 on purpose or not. It might have been an accident, it might have been on purpose or it might have been a bit of both but we do not know, and maybe he didn’t create at all. But these are all different opinions and really nobody is right but also nobody is wrong because we don’t know. The world is filled with grey areas it’s not just black and white, so for right now we have no clue if God had anything to do with this or if he had everything to do with this. But the main thing for right now is that we stick together in times of hardship and that we don’t lose our faith and our hope.